Thursday, February 8, 2007

Powerful love charm

This amulet is bless by a good and powerful monk in changmai. This monk stay high up in mountain and practise magic and has help magic and charm to help many people. From changmai, i ha to travel 3 hours to visit. To outsiders, people might no know him as he do not stay within city area. After bring a few of his amulet to out to try, his name become famous overnight. His frame has spread far over malaysia, taiwan and hongkong. My friends who has try, cry for more. One of my friend who has use it told me that he can easily get 1 night stand in pub. in the past, he has so much diffculty in approaching girls, being rejsct 7 times out of 10 times. now, times change. it is so easily. NOW, The success rate is 8/10. After the demand is so high, businessman start to create fake amulet. They want to earn money but do not want to travel for 3 hours to get it. So, they create fake amulets. THEY ARE TOO SELFISH!!! They never though the $ of the buyer are hard earn $ and the guru/monk effort to help people has gone down to drain. People will start to lose confidence in amulets. Amulets has been helping people for years. just now feng shui. But now people are lazy, they want to earn money but do not want to help people. How sad. what a great treasure, but not many people in use can have or own it.
To find out more or purchase this amulet, Pls click on the link below

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