Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Today, i will share about this special amulet to improving charisma and charm to overcome obstacles in relationship, in love life, working life and entire life.
The name of this amulet is rat eating or drinking the milk of the cat (Directly translated from thai)
To be frank, i am quite puzzled by the name of this amulet, so out of curiosity, i ask master.
Master laughing and look at me with his smiling face and ask: you really don't know?
I REPLIED: No, master, please explain to me and i will share the information through the net to all the people.
Then master ask: Do the rat scare the cat?
I replied: of course!!!!
Then master explained: By nature, rat are suppose to scare cats and they are enemy.
Once cat see rats, cats will attack them and eat them up!!!! But, the spell and the ,mantra in this amulet will enable the rat to have such a great and marvellous charisma and charm that the cat will like the rat and let the rat do whatever the rat wants, UP TO EVEN DRINK THE MILK OF THE MOTHER CATS!!!!
Thai magic is fantastic!!!!! It works wonders!!!!!
So i ask who are suppose to have it???
Master reply that in fact, everyone should own this effective and powerful amulet!!!!
Because in life, we need people to like us so that we can achieve great results in life!!!
Furthermore, this amulet bring beyond that!!! if you need help from people, you will surely help you!!!!
whoever who wear this amulet, he or she Will have the highest form of love AND attraction,nobody will hate, reject or dislike you.
well, without any hesitation, i take 20 pcs 1st to back to let me friends try 1st (even though he is very famous in Thailand due to visit of superstar to master), i still believe in myself and experience it.
Within 1 weeks after friends has try, i has heard friends in workplace who used to has bad relationship with female friends has become good friends after wearing the amulet.
i also hear of a friend who told me that his boss initially reject his leave, after wearing the amulet, he try to apply the leave again and the boss approve it immediately and sponsor 50% of his air ticket!!!!
I have a Friend who cant speak well, so he cant find attraction in opp sex. i introduce this fantastic love charisma to him.after using it, he told me that the barrier he used to have with gals is no longer available!!!! he can get along with opp sex very well!!!!
I immediately call master in thailand to inform him HOW GREAT AND FANTASTIC THIS AMULET IS!!!! HE told me that in thailand, he has heard more than that from the devotes in thailand....
I am very excited!!! i ask him is there anymore of this amulet??? i wish to get more so that more people all over the world can get this amulet and benefit from it. Master say mention this charm is not like other amulet, because it is 100% HANDWRITTEN, WHILE WRITING WHILE CHANTING THE MANTRA IN HEART, AFTER WHICH MASTER WILL ROLL IT UP HIMSELF AND TIE THE STRING PERSONALLY.
FROM THE BEGINNING TO THE END, THE WHOLE PROCESS IS ALL MAN MAKE AND DONE ALONE BY MASTER. Before making it, he has to go into deep mediation, invite the Gods and deva to witness the process. Furthermore, the blessing and making is done at selected date when the energy of the star is the strongest so that the amulet will receive the strongest and the best energy from the universe!!!!!

Suitable for wearing on neck, pocket, wallet or bag.

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