One of the amulets that has bring back

The monks collecting the ingredients Carrying the powder down the hill

LP koon in the blessing.

share feeling on this batch of amulets. i am rather proud and happy to find this batch of amulet. why? because now to find amulets that is beautiful, special, and the temple really make effort to make amulets is rare now. mostly, they just make, and sell. this batch is unique. THE MONKS REALLY GO FAR DOWN TO THE PLACE NEAR A CAVE AT NIGHT TO COLLECT THE MATERIALS TO MAKE THIS BATCH AND CARRY DOWN THE HILLS THEMSELVES!!!! INVITE GOOD MONKS TO BLESS THE AMULETS!!! lP KOON IS 1 OF THEM. The picture are keep in the temple, upon permission from the in charge, i have taken some of it to share with you guys...

This batch is beautiful, make of good material, good chanting, good blessing, bring good luck, remove obstacles, against evil....

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