Monday, January 14, 2008

Black magic, Love spell

What is black magic?
How does black magic affect you?
Is there really black ,agic?
A number of ideas and practise are group together under the Chinese term “KU”. These ideas and practices justify the use of the phrase “black Magic”.The purpose is to injure someone. In some sense, the word contrast is “white magic” whose purpose is to beneficial.
In general, “ku” is a means of acquiring wealth or secondary to revenge or for love. The method is to place poisonous snakes and insects together in a vessel until there is but one survivor, which is called “ku” . The poison secured from the “ku” is administrated to the victim, who becomes sick and dies. Generally, “ku” is regarded as a spirit, which secured the wealth of the victim for the sorcerer.

Possible Ways to prevent black magic:

Chant good mantra

Good mantra to chant to prevent black magic:

1) Om Mani Pad Me Hung

chant as many times as possible.

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