Monday, March 17, 2008

Temple to donate coffin

i has also recive a lot of enquires about what to do and which temple to visit in bangkok.
Here i will introduce a very good activite that everyone should do.
Donate coffin to those people, without families, who die in accident.
This is a very good merit which you can do when in bangkok...
here is the address:

the name of the temple is called Wat Hualampong.
Road name is rama 4 road.
When reach there just go to the counter, pay and they will give you a pink paper.
write your name on a pink sheet of paper. they will give u a receipt plus the pink paper. pink paper u go and get some glue and stick on the wodden coffins on display. the receipt u take and go in to the chinese temple and pray then burn in the urn.
then go behind to the thai temple to go take a look. very nice.

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