Saturday, August 29, 2009

Gambling spirit

This gambling spirit is blessed by master som jit.

According to the master, this spirit will give you 6th sense for gambling luck and lottery luck.
This spirit come from the dead people of cambodia and the master blessed it in a way that the spirit will give luck, give hint and 6th sense to the owner for lottery and gamble luck.

The amulet is make from the bone of a dead people who die in a unnatural way.

This dead people is dead from a car accident.
After that, no people go and pick the corpse up.
So after the corpse is being sent to the temple, the master help to chant and after that used the ash and the bones to make amulets.
The shape of spirit is being engrave by the bone of this person.

The oil contain chanted oil from special flower which is used to offer to spirit before.

The master has teach a very special method on how to communicate with the spirit, how to get lottery from the spirit and what to offer to the spirit to make the spirit happy so that the owner will get help from the spirit.

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