Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Black magic used to lured girl???

Do thai magic really works?

Do black magic exist?

I had read a interesting article.

A WOMAN suspects that black magic was used to charm her daughter who has gone missing, reported Harian Metro.

"My daughter used to be obedient and never went out of the house alone. There is no way she would just vanish and leave the family.

"I believe Thai black magic was used on her," said Siti Bedah Hussain, 39, of her 22-year-old daughter Nur Liyana, who disappeared four months ago.

Siti Bedah said her daughter met a 42-year-old man of Thai descent, a friend of her ex-husband, when he frequented her food stall in June. Nur Liyana became friendly with the man, who invited her to work in Langkawi.

"Before this, three other women had followed the man to work in a restaurant in Langkawi, where he works as a cook," she said.

Nur Liyana informed her mother that she had found a job in a restaurant there, but two months later, told her twin sister that she needed to find another job because the restaurant was facing problems.

"I asked my ex-husband to bring her back. He found her in a dangdut club and we believe the man asked her to work there.

"She was brought back home after that but has disappeared again," she said.

Source: Asiaone

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