Saturday, December 18, 2010

Charm for love and success

Master Cum always create or bless thai amulets that target to help people who solve people problem.
Today, I am going to introduce another charm that is bless by master cum that can help people in find soul mate, solve marriage unhappiness, love problem, love ones not not listening to you and keep quarrel with you and help you to solve your wealth problem.
I ask the master why he bless such a charm.
he say, if you has love charm, impossible you pray to the holy amulets, Buddhas or monks for such matters.
You need to pray to a lower realm semi being for help!!!
Like your love one run away, cannot find love, all these you has to pray to a lower realm being. you cannot pray to a Buddha and request help that your wife has run away with other guy or tell Buddha that you has just break off with your love one, you need his help!!!
That is not possible! Buddha is about about dharma, do good etc...
That why pray to lower realm being for such matter is the best because they will help you for this!
Furthermore, for some people doing sales, doing business, they need very strong attraction so that people will like them, and business and deal will be close.
All this attraction will be get from the help of all this beings! People will like you, listen to you, find your proposal very good, if you are in work, boss will like you, colleague will like you, indirectly let you form a great teamwork in workplace!

He has add in a very special herb call wahn metta, the herb for charming and attraction. People will be charm by you with the power of this herb. he has add in 2 hand written scroll.
1) Maha lamlui-the great wealth money mantra
money obstacles will be clear, money and wealth luck will flow in
2) Maha senate-The great mantra for charming
With this mantra, you can charm back the person you want to charm, including your boss, charm back your ex lover.

In General, this thai amulet for love and success can be use for:

1) use as love charm to charm back your loss love ones
2) charm your bosses so that they will like you
3) Charm your client so that you can close the deals
4) use as wealth amulet to remove your obstacles in wealth luck which lead to strong flow of money wealth into your life.
5) use as love charm to act as a magnet to attract people to you to find your soul mate


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