Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The great powerful God, Lord Ganesha

The newspaper article above is talking Lee wei ling deputy director of National Neuroscience Institute,medical institute located in Singapore specializing in the neuroscience.
She pray to this great lord because of his incredible strength and powerful strength.
This great lord is also very famous for removing obstacles.
She mention that everyone has dreams, but not much people has the determination and faith to follow our dreams. She say that by praying to lord Ganesha, it has remind her that regardless of many obstacles, she must determined on and do not give up easily.

I am very touch after reading this articles because a lot of times, I has see people give up after facing obstacles. Getting powerful thai amulets is 1 of the way for us for us to help us archive us goals. Example like I got friends who has love problem. His girlfriend left him for another guy. After using some charms for sometime, good news come in. He and his girlfriend are now together happily.

Learn to pray is also very important. By praying, the powerful gods will give us strength to move on in life.

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