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wealth and protection thai amulet

This powerful wealth fetching and protection thai amulet is bless by lp sawai.

LP Sawai is a very powerful magic guru monk as he learnt and practiced a lot of magic knowledge from many ancient powerful monks.

In summary from above link, LP Sawai was born in BE2464. His father was also a magic kuru who could chew glass in his mouth without being injured and this was the first inspiration that made him interesting in magic power, katha and meditation. He was ordained as a Buddhist monk in BE2481. He always loved to learn magic knowledge since he was a child. Wherever, there were powerful magic gurus, he would try to go to visit and learn magic from those powerful gurus. With his high attitude in learning, all those magic gurus were pleased to teach all knowledge to him. Below are some of powerful magic gurus that LP Sawai learnt and practiced magic knowledge from:

1 LP Poon Gasaro who was the senior friend of famous LP Ngern, Wat Donyaihom. LP Sawai learnt all the magic from him including many kinds of protective magic yant, magic knowledge to stop gun firing and charm increasing magic.

2 Arjan Young in Petchaburi taught LP Sawai on how to make Narayana holy cloth banner which made LP Sawai’s cloth banner very famous.

3 Arjan Choorod taught LP Sawai on how to make Yant-Na-Phra (Buddha’s Face Yant) which was later put in almost every amulet made by LP Sawai and that made his amulets very powerful and famous.

4 LP Khao taught LP Sawai on how to use real gold sheet foil to enhance charm. Later on, LP Sawai was also very famous on this. When some one went to meet him and asked him then he would bring a small real gold foil which was on a piece of paper putting on the forehead of that person with the gold foil underneath the paper. After he spelled katha and use his hand hitting on the paper and opened the paper up, the golden foil was disappeared into the forehead of that person and could help increase charm appeal of that person.

5 LP Sawai leant how to make phallic from Arjan Pin. Phallics during blessed by LP Sawai could move by itself like living things and could jump out from his blessing bowl by itself.

6 LP Praphan taught LP Sawai on how to make protection amulets. Many of Thai soldiers wore amulets blessed by LP Sawai during Wor War II and found a lot of miracle experiences since many of them were attacked by guns and bombs but were safe and not injured at all.

Actually there were many more but it will be too long to put here. No wonder why LP Sawai amulets are so powerful and famous. I went to his wat and got many amulets which were blessed by LP Sawai. You can see me in the picture receiving amulets from a monk there. Behind, you could also see LP Sawai’s body in a clear coffin which is kept for many years and the body is not rotted and this makes us know how powerful LP Sawai was. When I came back home, I tested all amulets to measure the supernatural power inside.

I have receive many positive feedback about this wealth and protection amulet.

Most of the people who have wear it, they told me that they have seen many poitive results.

Behind contain tiger chant or mantra, which bring the wearer poweful protection against black magic, people see the wearer people scare, full vigorous force to fight obstacles in life!


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