Saturday, February 4, 2012

spirit keeper Thai amulet

This love cream is make using a couple strike to death by thunder!
The master told me that they are very loving couples and they cannot be together and they hold very strong energy and power. Thus, the master use their ash and energy to make this love charm, hope to help people and by helping people, this poor couple can gain karma and reborn again.
He told me that anyone who has serious love problem can pray to them and help the couples to be together. or anyone looking for true love can also seek their help. Or people who need help in terms of attraction. Like boss like you, customer like you etc.

According to the master, there are a few superstars in thailand keep these 2 spirit to help them gain their wish.

These 2 spirits are looking for genuine keeper to use them to help them success in life. They not only can help in your love life and other parts in your life.

Come with methods on how to talk to them, charge energy on them and control them.

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