Friday, July 13, 2012

Question and Answer (mercury charm)

I has received the following email below. In addition, I has received people asking me about the toxic about mercury.

Yes, pure mercury like the source below contain poisonous and is fatal!!! But, BUT  blessed mercury charm are safe!

Through the process of blessing and mixing with with other holy material and herbs to form the mercury charm, the  toxic is neutralize and high useful power and energy of the mercury is retain to bring great benefit to mankind. The mercury charm here are all well blessed and no doubt, there are highly powerful and safe. I source for good master that has blessed and do this mercury charm with love from the universal.

Contrast this to the those not blessed and source unknown mercury  which emit maximum chemical off-gassing and allow maximum degradation of product, but are by far the cheapest to buy.  I don’t sacrifice your health and life for the almighty dollar.  Not now, not ever!

Dear sales manager,
I'm lucien.I know about your information from internet. We are a manufacturer of liquid Silver Mercury. We can supply the liquid Silver Mercury for you. Our products have high quality and favourable price. If you want to purchase this products.Please don’t hesitate to contact me.. We will quote a suitable price to you.
Looking forward to your reply

In thailand, mercury is treated used as a form of holy material for many years.
Powerful Lp thuat form from Mercury charm

Go to the link below for more information on mercury charm


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