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Curse of unlucky 2013 charm (sold)

 In the Chinese mythology, the Grand Duke Jupiter or more commonly known as Tai Sui (太岁) is actually a position in the celestial heavens which is in charge of the world's affairs for a particular year, i.e. determining the annual fortunes of all of us mortal beings. The Taoist calendar is organized into a series of twelve "earthly branches" which rotate according to the five elements, resulting in a 60 year cycle. Hence, there are 60 heavenly generals who would rotate to take up this almighty position. A person's happiness, health, luck and fortune are all under his jurisdiction. It actually serves as a reminder to avoid misdeeds, to take good care of health and to carry out more charitable activities so that misfortune will not strike. He will note the good deeds and misdeeds of people.

In year 2013, those who Fan Tai Sui  are people who are born in the year of the Snake, Pig, Tiger and Monkey. The Pig’s offence is the most serious of all; the Snake whose sector is playing host to Tai Sui is in a slightly better off as its position can be used to garner the support of Tai Sui, whilst the Tiger and Monkey are the least serious. Although Tai Sui is considered to be one of the afflictions of the year, it does provide some benevolence if its location is also influenced by a favourable flying star. In 2013, provided the ground where Tai Sui sits is not disturbed, the influence of Tai Sui can bring luck to relationships of all kinds, including attracting influential patrons and helpful people. However, it is still an affliction and care must be given to the location where it resides.

An offended Tai Sui will bring you misfortunes, from mild to the severe kind.

What this means is that you have incurred the wrath of Tai Sui (or in some kind of energy conflict with the ruling star, if you like) and remedial steps must be taken to appease him and preventive measures carried out to avoid further offending him. Those who Fan Tai Sui generally will have a not-so-smooth year, all matters relating to your career, health, relationships, etc will be affected.

This is a non kidding issue.

If you do not do anything, this year, you will suffer.

What to do if you are Conflicting Tai Sui, Offending Tai Sui, Torturing Tai Sui, Harming Tai Sui and Breaking Tai Sui??????

Pray to this bad luck eater god, phra rahu!

Tian Gou Tun Yueor the story of the celestial dog swallowing the Moon is a well- known mythology to all Chinese.The Thais refer to this as Rahu Om Chan The Thai mythology is delivering this as a celestial demon, which has a huge mouth and a voracious appetite that would swallow every thing, including the moon and the sun. This phenomenon what we know today in astronomy as the eclipse. The Thais believe, that Rahu can be very helpful to a person encountering obstacles in life or going through a phase of bad luck. It is commonly believed, that a person will have bad luck or encounter obstacles when his Chinese horoscope clashes with that of the particular year.As Rahu is capable of swallowing every thing, wearing a Rahu thai amulet, would help appease Rahu.;It is by paying respect to Rahu, Rahu will then readily devour all of your bad luck or even neutralize the bad energy and spit out good luck and fortune to you.

Thai magic believe, by using a coconut to make a phra rahu, will enhance the power of the amulet.
What I has here is a more this a more special grade coconut crave phra rahu.
According to the master, this special grade coconut can be only find in 1 out of 10 coconut and only very lucky people can find it and own it.

Lastly, hand written Phra Rahu mantra is written on the behind of the amulet.


 All these years, I had helped many buyers who had been affected badly by offended Tai Sui to change from bad luck to good luck.
Is not about just wear a image with NO ENERGY PHRA RAHU on your neck.
IS ABOUT USING A VERY POWERFUL PHRA RAHU WITH YOU, and I will teach you how to tap on his energy to EAT AWAY YOUR BAD LUCK and convert to good luck.   (sold out)

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