Monday, June 10, 2013

Another Happy buyer (charm you to death oil) 更多快樂的買家(魅力油泰國佛牌)

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Just now before my dance.  i.was chanting n hoping later on during dance. My instructor would pay attention on me and talk to me alot more. During lesson at first he kind of shy when I notice him haha.  then I told myself pls pls let me n him eyes-to-eyes contact haha. Indeed!! I was doing warm up and he was looking at me. During de second lesson.  there was a girl inside. I'm like kind of Jealous and again I hoping he would focus on me , he did. And the girl was like kind of not feeling well hence his attention was with me. Lastly when I was to leave,  here is de most amazing thing he came to me talk to me about dance and teach me even touch me haha . I love my oil haha and of course I'll not anyhow use but will use on people I love n like haha :)'! Can't Wait for next usage on him haha

剛才前的舞蹈。我是誦經,並希望以後在舞蹈。我的導師會注意我,跟我談了很多。首先在課堂,他是害羞哈哈。然後,我祈禱,祈禱請請讓我和他的眼睛眼睛接觸哈哈。的確!當我在做熱身,他看著我。在第二個教訓。有個女孩裡面。我是嫉妒她,我又希望他能關注我,他確實關注我。奇怪是女孩身體不舒服,因此他的注意力是我。最後,當我離開的時候,最令人驚奇的,他來找我,跟我談舞蹈,甚至教我摸我哈哈 我愛我的油哈哈,當然,我不會無論如何使用,但將使用在我愛的人,喜歡哈哈

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