Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Life support thai amulet (another happy person) 生命支持泰國佛牌

Hi Nayan,

A I promised I will write a simple feedback on Buddha Sitting On Mountain To Support.


I got amulet from you some times last year for one of my friend, it was around May last year.


My friend facing difficulties on the jobs when I approached you, he is receiving termination notice from his boss.


The boss never tried to keep him then and he also move on to another well paid job.

After 3 months of probation, the new boss never approved his job confirmation as due his lack of experience in the said industry.

He has no choice to leave again.

This time round, just happened recently, he found his dream job, despite lesser pay, he is much more happier person now.


All this happened because of support from Buddha sitting on mountain to support amulet.


Although it take times to show, what matter most, my friend always having a job to support his family and continue to help him to find his dream job.


Thank you so much for this amulet.


It was really amazing and reliable.


Thank you so much for your constant advise too.

Best Regards,

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