Saturday, April 12, 2014

Black or white thai amulets

Many people are biased against spirit amulet. They think spirit amulet are bad amulets. Spirit are bad!

So my question to them:what make youthink 1 of your past life are not spirit before? So are you as bad as them or you are worse than them because you as a human cannot think well!

You see, energy do not has consciousnesses. In order words,in actual spiritual world, there are no bad or good. It is your intention.

So you can use white magic with bad intentions.

Huh?that's what many people ask me.

Let me give you a example.

Fire tiger is a amulet bless with white magic.

So, many normal layman will say this is a white good, no spirit involved.

I got a buyer,after using, feedback say very good.

He comment he has lesser job.and able to sleep during office hour without supervisor finding him.

So,dear all, is this a good act? His fellow colleagues are working, and he is cheating his boss money by sleeping during working hour!

Powerful thai amulet specially selected from me to recommended to buyers are tools blessed well by master that no need any work or act from wearer to see results.

In order words,wish auto will come true.this is being feedback by many buyers.

In order words, the powerful amulet amplify your intentions or thoughts or deep desire into wish!

That's why many buyer are very surprise that their life are very smooth after using my amulets despite they do not do any prayer on the amulets.

Because the powerful amulet has the ability to auto amplify your thoughts to wish! Everyone basic wish is to has a smooth sailing life!

Thus, your wish is granted!

Alright, back to the "white amulet " topic. From the example above , clearly show that so call "white amulet" can be use to cause disadvantage to others.

Remember; greater power, greater responsibility.

You pay for the results of your own act and intention.

To me, and the real world of magic, there is no black or white.

Is your intentions that defined whether is black or white!

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