Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Question And Answer

Q: Nayan, there are so many feedback in your blog. Are they real?

Reply: if they are real, in what way they benefit you?
If they are fake, in what way do they cause disadvantage to you?

Q: Nayan, I don't see much thai amulets in your blog. What are you selling most?

reply: I am not selling anything.

Q: Huh????

reply: If you are interested on amulets, you has come to the wrong site.There are many many websites selling amulets. you can go and look at them there. I am not selling amulets here.

Q: then what you are selling then?
reply: I am selling something which can turn you to become a hunter.

Q: Hunter?????



There are two classes in nature-- 

The hunted 

the hunters. 

the hunter.

Yes, I want you to be a hunter!

Soon, you will Stop using the word I am sad, I am losing....
And you will replace your life with: " MY WILL IS DONE".

Q: Mmmm..that's interesting....

Hard work never got anyone anything but a sick body and an early grave. 
Learn to leverage your life and empower your life with the right powerful way.

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