Sunday, June 21, 2015

God sent love charm (another happy buyer)

One of the buyer approach me that her lover block her from all contacts. She miss him a lot.
I told her, not a problem at all.

I tell her I will make him call you!

Above is her feedback after using the thai amulet love charm.
After  using the item, within the same day, this buyer bring good news to me.
Her lover contact her.

一个买家联系我说, 她心仪的对象和她失去了联系. 我对她说 "没问题!"

拿一个超棒的爱情泰國佛牌佛牌, 来改变他的心理过程, 进入他的思想.
不久后, 那位男士联系了她  而且爱情佛牌还给她带来而外的惊喜! 给她带来多一位男士的追求. 她非常高兴地联系我,与我分享!

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