Friday, July 24, 2015


How many times you want your boss your way?
How many times you want the bad luck away?
How many times you want your career your way?
How many times you want your job your way?

Nayan, I really want to thanks you for your help all these while. And it's been so long time since I am so happy and excited! Here my story goes...
I started job searching last week 29th June 2015. Each day I sent as many resumes as I can but responses wasn't very good. Even agents also only around 3 called. By Thursday, I managed to get a interview scheduled for the following week. I started to gets worry and text you. Seeing that I am desperate,  you fork out time to meet me on Sunday! Without delay, I started following your instructions and chant and pray the very next day. Started receiving more calls from agents and also got shortlisted for an interview with another company! 
When I am going for interview, before I left my house, I chant and pray. And also put on the amulet you advised me to. Both interviews went smoothly, the interviewers all seems nice and friendly, no stress. I prayed even harder each day when waiting for their reply. Was slightly worried that they might not take me cos given my qualifications and experiences, there are many in the markets with low expecting pay. But nevertheless,  you never fail my needs, and your thai amulets never fails to give me surprises! I received a offer from the first interview on Thursday 9th July 2015 and though I am glad and happy, but I start to feels second company seems better! So, I went home to pray and chant harder and I drop a text to the CEO. OMG!!! I couldn't believe it! The second company offer me a even better offer! And when I called the first company to turn down the offer, they called back to ask how much I was offered and see if they can work out something!
This is really the best offer I had gotten so far in my whole working life! And first time i feels so "wanted"! The first company mentioned given my qualifications they could only offer me my last drawn. But yet they were willing to try to work out something to makes me stay. No words can describe my joys and excitement!!



Nayan, 我真的很感谢你这些日子以来给我的帮助。我已经很久没有感到这么高兴和兴奋了!以下是我的故事... ...

我在上星期2015年6月29日的时候开始找工作。每一天我尽我所能地派出越多的简历,但反应却并不是很好。只有 3 名代理人打通电话来。到了星期四的时候,我设法在来临的下星期安排到一个面试。我开始担心接着发短信给你。看到我的绝望,你在星期天掏出时间与我见面。毫不迟延地,我开始跟着你的指示并在第二天念咒语、 祈祷。开始从代理人接收更多的电话也被另一家公司选入面试。




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