Saturday, November 7, 2015

old generation master love charm thai amulet

Phra Khun Paen  from LP Chuen of Wat Tayee, Buri Ram. 
With dried occult oil in front,nam mang prai,  female spirit mini statute and LP's hand drawn charming mantra behind. 

This rare love charm is made from many different types of powder such as Pong phrai kuman(baby ash), Wan Kalong(herbs of seduce), Jang Ngang and Nang Ork Daek. "3 Sao Kin Nam Bao Diow Gun” mean 3 girls drinking water from the same pond. 
This represents all your girls can stay together peacefully even you many lovers.

Excellent for opp sex charming, attraction, finding love, attract soul mate, good business sales and protection.  

Come with original temple.


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