Saturday, July 30, 2016

Nayan! you look like a pimp!

Nayan! you look like a pimp!
兄弟, 你好像龟公呀!

I got a very cute regular buyer who purchase items from me very regularly sent me a feedback recently. The funny part is that she lottery she wins is in February. And she sent me now which is in July.

我有一个可爱的定期买主, 发了反馈给我。最可爱之处是她二月时中了马票, 可却在七月时才和我说。

I ask her why she only sent now?
Guess her reply?


She told me that I has too many success cases in helping others in love charm, solving relationship, helping many lonely people to find SEX PARTNERS!

她解释说: 因为找我补助爱情运的人实在太多了。个个都是非常成功的例子。除此之外, 我也成功帮助寂寞的人们寻获性伴侣。

She told me I look like a damn bloody pimp! HAHAHAHAHA...

她说我像极了拉皮条! 感觉像个超级大淫虫!! 哈哈哈!!

She told me that, in reality, my wealth thai amulet well also very well!  So she sent me this feedback!

她告诉我, 我的佛牌配, 不单是能补助爱情运, 也能提升财运!! 我的招财福物也非常灵验! 所以发了这个反馈给我。

I do has quite a number of win lottery and casino feedback. But just that, I has more relationship problems buyers. And after all these years of experience, I become a relationship guru! From lovers to couple, from couple to businessmen. All walks of life I has seen.
The results I got, become more and more mind blowing!
I has a dubai buyers managed to secure a few million project after using a mind bending charm which enable him to win competitors and close the deal!

我确实有许多中奖发财之类的反馈。可是情困买主占据我的大部分时间。而经历了多年的聆听与解忧, 我已间接变成了爱情专家了! 从情人到恋人, 夫妻至商人, 各种行业, 种种人生百态, 我都一一深入了解。

从中得获的成绩, 令我震撼和惊喜万分! 我有一个迪拜买家, 靠我的招财福物, 帮他击败总多商敌, 索得好几亿的方案!


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