Tuesday, December 27, 2016

lonely girl crying Christmas eve (Royal till today)

A lonely buyer approach me during near Christmas festival and sadly telling me that her lover has block her more than 14 days! I has help her a few times previously to settle their quarrels in the past. She has deep trust on me!

Each time, all her problems are solved by my thai amulets. 
I promised her that lonely days are only to happen to others but not her! 

[23/12, 18:15] Lonely Soul: haix, think gonna spend christmas with e kids but without my guy. he stuck on for so long though still give me shit. from two wks ago blocked me out, seriously think he's finally giving up. n nothing I can do.
[23/12, 18:30] Nayan: I thought u n him r ok last time?
[23/12, 18:30] Nayan: Seriously

She heed my advise and get a soul stealer thai amulet from me!

This time, results comes much faster!

Within 2 day, the guy contacted her and telling her he is on his way to meet her NOW!

[25/12, 21:11] Happy Soul: nayan my guy just called me
[25/12, 21:11] Happy Soul : he called to talk then say he's on the way over to my side
[25/12, 21:30] Happy Soul: I didn't expect today
[25/12, 21:30] Happy Soul: E amulet really powerful
[25/12, 21:30] Happy Soul: 2 days only!

Nayan, your pulling amulet is a life saver! My guy had blocked me from his phone from all communication for 2-whole weeks. Seeing that it's e night before Christmas Eve and he hasn't made contact still, I panicked and msged you. I grumbled that he seems to want to cut contact and high chance skip this festive season with me which has never happened before! You were quick to reply me as usual and recommended this amulet love charm highly telling me it's very efficient. I got it from you immediately and followed your simple instructions telling the amulet what I wished for. Eve passed by and I was feeling dejected still and finally, Christmas evening itself his number flashed on my HP! He called asking what I did e past few days and telling me he's on his way to my place in a good mood:) I'm highly impressed that the amulet took 2-days only!! Unbelievable! Super thankful to you & your amulets as per in e past. Still a loyal customer of yours up till today.


Contact: helpyoucharm@gmail.com

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