Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Your thai love charm make me has hot sex

valentine's day horny woman attract man part 2

"Make him lost his mind between my legs"

[29/01, 08:26] Sexual Feel Good woman: Hi gd morng. Had a good time at his place last nite. Thank u so much! Convey my thanks to master. 😊
[29/01, 09:25] Nayan: So how his dick?
[29/01, 09:29]  Sexual Feel Good woman: Gd 😊
[29/01, 09:43] Nayan: Ok
[29/01, 09:43] Nayan: Gd
[29/01, 09:44] Nayan: So u agree with us all the objectives meet?
[29/01, 09:46]  Sexual Feel Good woman: Yes thank u so much!! 😊
[29/01, 09:47]  Sexual Feel Good woman: Your amulets are always powerful!!
[29/01, 11:30]  Sexual Feel Good woman: Next to wait for the review rite

[01/02, 17:22]  Sexual Feel Good woman: Tdy he talk to me nicely at work..we went home together..thank u to master and u 😊
[01/02, 17:27] Nayan: That's v gd!
[01/02, 17:27] Nayan: 😁
[01/02, 18:11] Nayan: Tat cny
[01/02, 18:11] Nayan: That day
[01/02, 18:11] Nayan: How many shot?
[01/02, 18:20]  Sexual Feel Good woman: Just once..inside my mouth
[01/02, 18:20] Nayan: Walan
[01/02, 18:21] Nayan: Power
[01/02, 18:21] Nayan: U r really power!

"He got a blow job from me that he will never forget!"

[29/01, 18:07] Nayan: How many shots?
[29/01, 18:21]  Sexual Feel Good woman: Haha. Yes longer..he say he like my sucking


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