Wednesday, March 1, 2017

1 of the most powerful Takrut in thai amulet history

Thai amulet if LP Koon Pure Gold Takrut (golden tongue mantra)(Made of real 916 gold)

This is the famous takrut that LP Koon used to insert into the devotee's arm during the old days in Wat Ban Rai before LP Koon became sick with his health. LP Koon was very famous for takrut insertions all over Thailand and asia and this is the very same takrut that LP Koon used. The name of this takrut is Salika Thongkam Fang Khaen Jet Dok. 

This solid gold takrut is believed to bring good prosperity, unexpected money, wealth and fortune to the wearer.  Many of those who were lucky enough to visit LP Koon very long time ago to get this takrut are mostly very well off and wealthy today. Those who have this takrut will also be protected from all forms of dangers like accidents, physical injuries, illness, black magic and evil spirits with the grace and blessing of LP Koon.

For those who have known LP Koon, will know that anything that comes from him will bring great money luck and attracts windfall from all directions. He is one of the most legendary monk ever lived that even the past King respected so much.

Done in waterproof casing.

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