Saturday, April 15, 2017

Lost a good thai amulet vs lost a life

I has told many of my buyers who treasure very well those thai amulets they got from me. Those amulets will bring them bring you immeasurable blessings and benefits. More than money and happiness.

Recently, a buyer approach me, he told me that after he has got my legendary fire tiger amulet, his life changes to so much better that he almost forget the help was from the fire tiger amulet helps!
After he lost the great gem,fire tiger,  his life fall seriously to a very negative state. He knew he has to come back for my help again.

As far as I had my legendary fire tiger thai amulet, generally all aspects of my life was well. At work everybody likes me and I was able to perform well. The management promoted me and I was stable and well. And there came a day where I lost my amulet and everything went backwards. I resigned my job, and it became hard for me to secure another job even when I have all the qualifying factors. Life became harder. It took me sometimes to figure that everything was good till I had Tiger Fire amulet with me. And I contacted Nayan and rent a new one. This time around it was different amulet to support my situation. Hopefully everything will turn out well and I will be able to secure a job and close the gaps in the coming future.

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