Tuesday, May 2, 2017

How love spell or love magic is being cast or curse?

There are many enquiries asking how love spell are being cast or perform by various masters. 

I has engage many masters for my buyers and there are more than a few hundreds of love spell ritual. 
Some work very well, and some, are simply bullshift! 

From years of experiences, I only keep using that few secrets masters that work very well. 

There will be a few methods which work very well and can only perform only by senior level masters, and these methods, I will not disclose here and I will not share the methods at all as they are only accessible by senior masters. 

Alright, let's get started to know those simple and common ones:

1) candle magic love spell 

Candle magic is 1 of the very common method use by masters these days due to convenient casting and easier for the master to perform magic. 

Purposes : bring lover back, make lover love them more, or make him love you or make her listen to you. 

2) black magic to curse love enemies 

Often, lovers or couples face other parties or 3rd parties  come in to snatch or cause breakout in relationship. 
In order to remove the 3rd party or to kick the other person away from their lover, the victim of the relationship will engage master or black magic masters to cast curse or harm to remove of the 3rd party to cast then out from the relationship. 

Wax doll of the 3rd party are make and chanted  coffin nails are nail to the person to curse them with bad luck, illness, bad health or even death! 

Blood are pour onto them to enhance the curse more deadly.

Stay tune! 
To be continue.... 

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