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Black Magic Rak-Yom wealth love charm Arjarn Pleng Boonyuen.

Arjarn Pha was a Khmer druid with well-trained strengthened power of white magic. He
persuaded Arjarn Pleng to be ordained together. Then they both had decided to pilgrimage along
through many forests: Surin, Sisaket, and even the land of Laos and Khmer.
They both had been doing meditation for more than 10 years. He must ate potatoes instead
of rice, took a rest with a quiver of cobras abounded in a cave, and always did a meditation. He
said he was secured from those deadly cobras by his defensive incantation. Arjarn Pha used to
beg for being monks with him forever, but Arjarn Pleng could not do that, because he had married
already. In addition, in 1949 – when it come to the right time – he left from being a monk to a man
6 months later, he had applied as a teacher in a government high-school, until he was
retired at the position of the school director. By his well-trained, supernatural, mental power, he had
an ability to enchant or magically spell anything around. His power can be actually proved broadly
common in Esan, then he was broadly well-known. Once he was invited to open the "Saphan-maenam-moon(Mae-Nam-Moon
Bridge)" festival. When he was performing his ritual by praying on his
boat, many fish suddenly leaped onto his boat, so then the people were really amazed in his
power. He had become faithfully and famous to villagers since then. Plenty of his enchanted
talismans and amulets were mainly made of "Phong-praai" (spirit's dust). He – who had been
cursed – would be recovered and healed by the spirit, and will be protected from the dark magics,
he added. Moreover, his enchanted objects would be really a good-luck-charm.
Dating back to the time of being a pilgrimage with Arjarn Pha, Arjarn Pleng had learned and
trained the whole magical ability from him. From "Kong-kra-pan" and "Met-ta" (immortality and
charming), he also learnt how to mix "Waan", which means herbs. One of the most difficult ability
he learnt was "Praai" (dust which made of dead body's bones), because there were not many
people can successfully learn this. His Praai ability intended to assist people, and also to be good
deeds for the spirits it selves (the spirits, which were enchanted into dust, were involved with its
willingness, no forcing). Arjarn Pleng was also skilled to some of the black magic, so he could
defeat bad spirits perfectly, before bless them to turn good. After that, he would take their bones for 
blending into dust together with his praying to spell the spirits. As a result, the dust was already
finished called "Pong-praai" (spirit's dust) to serve people the support, the luck, and the charm. He
made the Pong-praai with his kindheartedness, so that meant he whoever owns the dust will be
secured from being cursed by the spirits themselves. Some of the abilities can not be done when
being a monk due to its orders, so that meant it might be done correctly (and more powerful) when
being a man, for example, about charming, Arjarn Pleng had also been using his power to support
the others from being in troubles. Once he was a teacher, a student was poisoned by a snake-bite,
and could not make it to a hospital on time. His parents took him to see Arjarn Pleng for magical
healing. Then Arjarn Pleng spelled his magic to heal the student, after that the student was
surprisingly recovered and detoxified. After that, his reputation was spreading out widely about his
power. He could handle with any deadly poison from any snakes.
About "Met-ta" (some sort of charming magic), once his friend had disappointed in love with
a woman. He was so much miserable and don't want to live anymore. Arjarn Pleng had known
about suicidal thought and promised to help him. Then he gave him a charming talisman. After
that, his friend succeed in love with the woman. He couldn't expose his power obviously, because
he afraid that he might be blamed about being such credulous.
When he was retired, he had been making many sacred talismans and thai amulets, which
became really famous and faithful either domestic or international: Singapore, Philippines,
Malaysia, China, or even Hong Kong. The first talisman he made was called "Pra-kun-pan" (a
charming talisman). Those , who owned this talisman, had guaranteed that the talisman was such
a powerful charming magic. The method about making and enchanting the Pra-kun-pan, Arjarn
Pleng explained clearly that he had used 108 different kinds of herb and many rare herbal
queen(called "Phaya"); such as, Phaya Galong, Phaya Ngiew-dam, Phaya Cruea Long, Phaya
Salika, Phaya Ta-kiean-hin, Phaya Gae-lae, Phaya Gu-ma-ree-faed, Jin-da-ma-nee dust, Gaa-fak,
and 108 charming lipwax of Arjarn Pha. All the stated ingredients had been enchanted by Arjarn
Pha before the coining, during the auspicious timeframe. Until the time had ended, he just only
made less than 100 talismans. When he had finished coining, all talismans were enchanted for
more than 3 months until they were shaking by his reciting power of magic. There was no doubt
that those talismans were called "Pra-kun-pan-ma-ha-sa-naeh." It contained powerful charming,
wealthy, and famous Buddha's grace. Each of his many disciples were seeking for it, until the
talismans were out. Many of them begged Arjarn Pleng for making the talismans again. 

All version of his talismans were not disappointed to anyone. 
Another one is Rak-Yom (like the Ein-koo). Arjarn Pleng was also say this amulet to manifest some sort of attractive power to owners, such as, trading, working, wealthy, money,
luck, etc. It also has a protective power for the owner's house, or anything depending on the owner's will. 

Later, he stopped enchanting all the talismans and amulets, for a reason of his elderly.

Every single amulets and talismans that he gave, were all made with his intention in every step of
the whole process. He added that if he decided to make those enchanted for people, he must
thoroughly make them in order to keep his reputation high. He surely guaranteed and be
knowledgeable on this magic. He intended to use his ability for good purposes, and for being good
deeds for the spirit of the dust, not to curse the others. In short, we might said that he used "White

On the other hands, his strategy is to persuade people to make merits for their well-being.


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