Sunday, January 21, 2018

From cold lover to loving lover

Received a request from a buyer who want to bring her lover back to her. Her boyfriend have been very cold and wants to break up with her. 

She wants a bring lover back ritual and a Thai amulet.

Within 3 days, she told me her good feedback.

She went out with her boyfriend and her boyfriend start treat her very good and loving!

[20/01, 00:29] ‪Happy Buyer‬: Hi tonight I meet him he treat me better and he even kiss me
[20/01, 00:29] ‪Happy Buyer‬: Thankyou
[20/01, 00:29] Nayan: Happy to hear that. So things Improve ya.
[20/01, 00:29] ‪Happy Buyer‬: Yes improve
[20/01, 00:29] ‪Happy Buyer‬: I hope it gets better better


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