Thursday, February 1, 2018

Precious Words I LOVE YOU 珍贵的3个字我爱你

A sad lady approach me, she say her lover is leaving her.
Her lover distant her start since a few months ago. He is leaving her. She do not know what happen to him. He is turning away like he hates her.

We do a 'LOVE ME AGAIN' love spell, bring lover back ritual. She also get a love me again thai amulet.

within 1 week plus, she say her lover start love her back again.




一个星期后 她的情人又开始爱她了。


[27/01, 00:48] Nayan: I am happy for u, your relationship start improving.
[27/01, 00:48] Nayan: 😃
[27/01, 00:48] ‪Happy buyer: Today he told me he love me
[27/01, 00:48] ‪Happy buyer: I also feel shocked
[27/01, 00:48] ‪Happy buyer: He didn't say that for a long time
[27/01, 00:49] Nayan: Wow! That's good. Ritual is working very well for u!

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