Saturday, May 12, 2018

Make lost lover contact you

Hello Nayan,

Some positive news to tell you. That night when I got that Gold thai Amulet I decided to pray and ask that my ex lover get in touch with me again.
Surprising early morning she called and we talked for some time. Although the conversation was not talking about coming back so soon, I could sense that at least she was not that cold towards me.
Bloody hell just imagine those few weeks she blocked my call and never even respond to sms.
Yesterday I did give her a few calls but she did not respond immediately. 
So at almost 11 plus night I call her and this time we talk for something like 40 over mins. She sound ok to me, and I just coolly ask, that one of this day I want to meet her... 
Wow I was a little surprised that she agreed but not in hotel though...
Maybe coffee house or some shopping mall in KL.
But it was not confirmed yet, so Bro can you advice me further on this meeting issue.
Hey Bro, what's your suggestion... meeting not in hotel but other place.

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