Saturday, June 9, 2018

God's Spiritual Gift

I meet this refer buyer from another buyer of mine.
His referral has use our thai amulet and seen significant changes and improvement in life!

This guy, when meet up, told me he had lost his  house, his family and he find lost in life!

No people apprecaite him, no one love him!

I told him to take a step at a time, let's us help you!

Soon, He tell us that he feel having value in life!
He feel his company decided to sponsor him for studies and he is present a award in his company!

He told us, we are the greatest gift that God has sent him!

Hi bro...Just wanted to express my heartfelt thanks to u and master for all the help u have given me...

A few months ago, I was struggling at work, unable to cope...Life was a struggle and I was really depressed...Even thought of suicide a few time...

Now, after meeting u, I’m doing much better...I got three awards, my profile has risen at work, my company is going to sponsor my studies and I have even been asked to interview for a job under the new training department...I feel much better and more confident...

Thank u both so much!

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