Friday, August 15, 2008

Good mantra to chant everday

Today, i am going to share a very important mantra for anyone to chant everyday for protection.

This mantra is found by Luang Phor Parn. Great master found the hidden mystery of Yant Grao paetch (Diamond Armour Yant/Kata) - Consisting of The Kata Ithibisoe 8 Tidt (Eight Directional Mantra) –

This chanting is very important.

Without Yant Grao Paetch it would be impossible for many other Yant to exist, due to the fact that many other Yant contain the same Kata (Mantra) inserted within their structure.

Luang Phor Parn found this great Kata as he was meditating and a Yaan (or Yana in Pali Panskrit), meaning supernatural sense,occured in his meditation.It told him that there was a special magical metal template hidden within the main Chedi of Wat Phra Sri Ratana Maha Taath, Suphanburi province, waiting for him to discover. Not long after that he reached the Chedi and found a ancient silver template engraved with the Kata of Yant Graopaetch. The template had a message explaining that the person who found it shall be a great Master, and that Heaven had defined who should find it. The Template also describes that one who recites this Kata everyday shall have his body covered with a Diamond Armour and will be protected from all dangers, he shall never be able to be destroyed by his enemies. In addition, the enemy will be destroyed through a strange phenomenon because of the reflective result from the magic Diamond Armour.

Below is the great mantra:

I Ra Sha Kha Ta Ra Sa
Ti Hang Ja To Lo Dhi Nang
Pi Sam Ra Lo Pu Sat Budh
So Ma Na Ka Ris Dha Dho
Bha Sam Sam Wi Sa Dhe Bha
Kha Budh Pan Dhu Dham Wa Kha
Wa Dho No A Ma Ma Wa
A Wish Su Nus Sa Nut Ti

Below consist of other powerful and important mantra in thai magic.

In thai magic, they also have a amulet which consist of all mantra combine into a amulet.
This special amulet is call 108 or king of takrut. All small or short mantra are generate from this mantra 108. So by wearing it, you are the almost the same as wearing others and it can be used to be pray for anything thing, example luck, against spirit, protection..etc....

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