Sunday, August 31, 2008

wealth baby spirit

This powerful baby wealth spirit was taken from a pregnant Cambodian lady who die in accident. She die on Saturday and buried on Tuesday. It is consider a very bad omen for such incident.

The process to make is finding a good time to offer raw prawn,white rice at the spirit house for permission. While entering the cemetery, the master chant.

When the helper lift up the mother body, the master took out his spiritual knife to press against the mother forehead to suppress the troubled soul to search for her son later. Then the master take out the baby.The skull of the baby is crashed into 5 types of auspicious powder used to make the amulet.

A very grand ceremony held to activate the life of the baby spirit. Offering like chicken soup, fish soup, prawn, pig head....

Special Ingredients used to make this amulet:

7 river sands
7 cemetery soil
7 different temple sand
powder from walking stick used to poke at corpse
powder get from the skull of the baby
Tree where ghost stay

The powder is hand press and make into shapes of baby foetus.....

After the shape of the amulet is done, food are also offered to the 5 matters like earth, water...

After which,
grand prayers are chanted over and over again to give the baby wealth spirit 32 full body function and activate the organs from head to toe and toe to head...

I would like to make use of this opportunity to thank Master Punkee for revealing the secret of making baby spirit.

Below is the photo album on this baby spirit:

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