Sunday, October 11, 2009

Never be Poor

Today, i am going to introduce a lucky charm who is being worship by many Thais in Thailand:

Phra Ult pa ku.

Phra Ulu Pa Ku is believe to live under the water.

The reason why the head of this great saint is tilt 1 side because the sea level is below us and we are living above sea level.

So when we make wish to this Phra Ult pa ku, he will tilt his head to 1 side to look at us as and listen to our wish and grant our wish. It is consider 1 of the most famous lucky charm.

Furthermore, the Phra Ult pa ku has 1 hand is putting inside his bowel preparing to give us his blessing, like luck and wealth and which mean as long as we pray to him, we will receive his blessing for career and wealth and money.

I have speak to many friends who wear this amulet and very surprising, 1 of them tell me that "HE" has help him. So I ask him to tell me more as I am very anxious to know whether is this monk really so powerful as the Thais are crazy about him....

Then my friend say: well, that day after getting the amulet, his friend ask him whether want to join together to buy some lottery. So he was thinking why not? He has not been winning lottery for very long time. However, they do not know what number to buy, and 1 of his friend suggested to buy"4444". So they decided to buy this number and the number came out 1st prize!!!!

Another of my friend who get from me is out of job and heavily in debt. So I recommend this to him. The next day, he sent a short message to my HP to thank me. He say he has find a job but he did not managed to win any lottery. However, his wife win some lottery and the money his wife win managed to repay the debt he owed.

I am great that my amulets that i bring back from temple in Thailand are able to help people to tie over tough period especially this period when there are many people who are jobless and help. All these results are the effort of the great compassion of many unseen gods, unseen beings and great powers of masters.

Namo buddhya.

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