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give you happiness, the most powerful goddesses KALI

Kali is one of the most powerful goddesses of India. Her present identity results from an evolutionary process spanning more than two millennia, and her recent arrival in the West as a living deity creates the possibility of new and unforeseen changes within an environment outside her original cultural boundaries.

Kali Ma, called the "Dark Mother," is the goddess of creation, preservation, and destruction. She is especially known in her Destroyer aspect, squatting over her dead consort, devouring his entrails while her yoni sexually devours his lingam, penis. Kali, in this aspect is said to be "The hungry earth, which devours its own children and fattens on their corpses…" In India the experience of the Terrible Mother has been given its most grandiose form of which just is not simple imagery; it is the image of the Feminine, particularly the Maternal, for in a profound way life and birth are integrally connected to death and destruction.

Kali serves as the archetypal image of the birth-and-death Mother, simultaneously the womb and tomb, giver of life as well as the devourer of her children: the identical image was portrayed in a thousand ancient religions. Current psychologists face this image with an uneasy acknowledgement of its power. Apparently the image of the angry, punishing, castrating Father seems less threatening than the destructive Mother--perhaps because she symbolized the inexorable reality of death, whereas he only postulated a problematic post-mortem judgment. Perhaps this is one reason the Roman Catholics maintain the teaching of purgatory, to divert the final end.

The name Kali Ma comes from Kalma, a hunter of tombs and eater of the dead, as she was called in Finland, also called the Black Goddess. European "witches" worshipped her in funeral places, for the same reasons, that the Tantric yogis and dakinis worshipped her in cremation grounds, as Smashana-Kali, Lady of the Dead. Former pagans adored her in cemeteries as the Black Mother Earth, where the Roman tombstones invoked her with the phrase Mater genuit, Mother receipt-the Mother bore me, the Mother took me back.

Sometimes Kali, the Destroyer, wore red symbolizing the blood of the life that that she gave and took back: "as She devours all existence, as She chews all things existing with Her fierce teeth, therefore a mass of blood is imagined to be the apparel of the Queen of the Gods at the final dissolution." The gypsies in their worship of Kali, the Goddess of disease, clothed her in red, the proper color of gypsy funerals.

Tantra, being a development of Atharva Vedic and pre-Brahmanical thought, embraced the Hindu gods and goddesses, especially Shiva and Shakti, along the (nondualist Vedic) philosophy that each represents an aspect of the ultimate Param Shiva, or These deities may be worshipped externally (with flowers, incense etc.) but, more importantly, are used as objects of where the practitioner imagines him- or herself to be the deity in question. The ancient devadasi tradition of sacred temple-dance, seen in the contemporary Bharata Natyam is the example of such meditation in movement. The divine love is expressed in Sringara and Bhakti.

Sexual intercourse is not at all a part of all tantric practice, but it is the definitive feature of left-hand Tantra. All tantra states that there were certain groups of personalities who were not fit for certain practices. Tantra was personality specific and insisted that those with pashu-bhava (animal disposition), which are people of dishonest, promiscuous, greedy or violent natures who ate meat and indulged in intoxication, would only incur bad by following Tantrik paths without the aid of a Guru who could instruct them on the correct path.Sexual intercourse, preferably with a low-caste partner, was one method by which traditional left-hand practice forced practitioners to confront their conditioned responses. Others include the eating of meat (particularly beef and pork) and drinking of alcohol. Fear has also been used as a method to break down conditioning; rites would often take place in a cremation ground amidst decomposing corpses. This, of course, also falls under the prerequisite of the practitioner's nature, in such cases demanding a vir- (heroic) or even devya- (godlike) -bhava (disposition of purity, self-control, suppression of pride, respect to parents and guru and often celibacy).

"The Tantrics explain that the physical license of the worship of Kali is needed for brutish mankind in this evil (Kaliyuga) time. This is because only a few can liberate themselves from the flesh and reach divinity direct. Kalipuja (Kali-worship) gives the brutish man and woman an outlet and an idea of how intoxicating true communion with the divine could be. For this reason, according to the priest, it is not uncommon for mass orgies to be held in the early stages of initiation of even the right-hand worshippers, so that they may get a glimpse of the physical reflection of the true ecstasy which comes with acceptance by Kali."


Kali is formless and shapeless, yet she CAN assume any shape she desires, she is the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, and all of the things in the Universe, She Commands all of the Good Forces, as well as all of the Bad Forces, Kali is Very Compassionate and Merciful, Yet she also Destroys Life as a way to bring about a new beginning, Therefore death in this Religion is not an end, but a new beginning, and Devotees of this Religion in the past have offered Human Sacrifices to The Goddess Kali, but the way they look at it is if you truly LOVE your Goddess, and you are really in your heart Decticated to her.
But today however most Sacrifices are only Symbolic, yet, many followers of Kali are now using Bondage and Domination as ways to act out a Symbolic Human Sacrifice. Ancient Scriptures describe The Goddess Kali in many ways, both as one of the Most beautiful Women in the World, and also as a Vicious Warrior, a She is one who Devours the Flesh, she has been described as being very much like what we call a Vampire, Lusting for Blood, and Having Fangs, Yet at the same time being someone you would Love with all your Heart, and she is Sexy and Seductive when she is viewed in human form, Definitely NOT a Woman you would fear, but one you would gladly die for. This is how she is described. Yet you must keep in mind that we are also talking about the essence of the Universe itself displaying herself in Human form, if she was indeed the Commander of all the forces in the Universe, you can just imagine how beautiful she would have made herself look like to a Man, one whom she enjoys having Sex with. It was also described that Kali was Very Sexual, and Seductive, and Very Very Beautiful, which is why we do not consider Sex to be shameful or Evil in anyway in this Religion. And instead we encourage followers to engage in Sexual Activity as part of a Ceremony of Worship to the Goddess Kali. Kali is a Loving Goddess, with Great Compassion, but she does rein down Destruction upon the Earth from time to time, but with each thing that is destroyed there is a new beginning being born. In other words, Yes, Kali can rein down terror and Destruction, but to her, she is merely Harvesting a Field of Fruits in the same way a Farmer Mows down the Wheat Fields to get the grain.

This very powerful goddesses is widely worship in many sexual ritual or tantric practise.

She is being involve to in these ritual or Tantria practise to increase our sexual performance, increase or enjoyment in sexual intercourse.

Not only that, she will great you many thing like strong sexual attraction, make you very sexually attractive!!!

This is indeed a cannot be doubt fact because this goddess is being worship by many many years!

So the power of this goddess cannot be underestimated!!!!

Below is this thai amulet blessed by powerful holy thai masters to invoke the power of this great goddess.

Behind insert with heavenly stones to open the chrakra of your body to make you extremely sensitive to sex.

In addition, behind also contain 3 hand written holy scroll:

Boost luck

Boost attraction

Boost sexual attraction

Yes! We can pray to Kali to use Spells and Magic to enhance our Rituals, and to bring about special things in our lives.

However no one should ever try to cast any spells of harm onto anyone, because it would only hurt you in the end, and much more than the other person.

This is a very important point, and should not be taken lightly, because this Religion is a True Religion, if you use this Magic to hurt someone, they will Suffer, but so will You, and much worse than them, so please, please don't even THINK about it.

Instead it would be better to Chant/pray to Kali for Understanding, and pray to Kali to help the other person Understand you, but don't think of wanting anything bad to happen to the other person, because it will, and then you will experience three times as much suffering as they do. Many who read this will not believe it, and they will try to Harm someone, then they will Suffer also, and then they will know what I say is true. Please don't learn the hard way.

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Make you sexual attractive that you are sexually irresistible!

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Pray kali to cast love spell or spell on people to has better life

use as love charm

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