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I have heard of many sad incidents. But recently, I have receive a email from a person. After reading her emails, I found sad for her and angry that peoples take advantages of her when she need help badly.

I have seek permission from her, and post some of the important points to warn female devotes to be careful. Below are the articles:
I have questions hopefully you are able to answer me. From young, I like to go to seek for fortune tellers, monks and the famous masters's advice for my future. Maybe due to too many fortune tellers I met has caused me confusion. Their comments are :

1) two of the masters told me that I have been possessed by a male spirit for quite some time. This male spirit has been an obstacle to my life. He is not only blocking my earning power, he also block those guys who has interest in me from the past until now. These 2 master trying to help but no effect after whatsoever the prayer they have done for me. To be honest, one of the master who i went to seek for his help never sincerely or genuinely help me but took advantage of me. So I stop seeing him and went internet to check on the symptom of being the victim of black magic, and I found out the situation mentioned below are the problems I am facing now. They are :

a) bruise (blackist & bluish) marks around my thighs, arms and other part of my body with the shape of our mouth
b) Hyperpigmentation on my whole body
c) Rape in the dreams by spirits with orgasm that is real
d) complete stoppage of my monthly period
e) unexplained convulsions
f) blockages in the inflow of money
g) dryness of throat and mouth at night
h) sleep is disturbed
i) have fear with no reason, severe depression, hopelesness and disinterest in life
j) easily get angry and feel irritation for no reason
k) sudden chills and goose bumps
l) fear of going into a crowd of people especially with all the males
m) dream of dead bodies as well as snakes and spiders

2) other masters told me that the difficult life I am going thru now is due to my birth date and my karma. I have not done a good deed in my previous life and when I was re-born, i brought them together with me to this present life. These spirits just like a so call "SOTONG", graping me very tight with their arms and blocking all the good things to come to me. The thai monk whose name is P.WEERAPHRAT TAECHATHAMO told me to meditate and get contact with these spirits who I owe in my past life to negotiate with them to let me go. According to this thai monk, because of this bad karma and my birth date, I was destined to be alone for the rest of my life. Even if I found a life partner, I will never have happiness. in other words, I will suffer thoughtout my whole life. In the end, both of us will be separated. This not only affect my romance, it also affect my hardwork. No matter how good or how hardworking I am, no one will recognize.

When I saw your ad about something is obviously blocking or creating obstacle for the guy who recently purchase this "never be alone" amulet from you who has successfully found the girl he loved. I dont know whether my problem is the same with his or Maybe mine one will be more serious and in fact NO CURE for it.
I dont care what all the masters said. I really want to change of my life TOTALLY. I am enough of being alone, shop alone or facing problems alone. I need someone to be there for me when I need advise or help. I hope I can have a shoulder to lean on when I m tired or sad.
You know what? I told all my friends that my hope is always a hope and my dream is always a dream. None of them will come thru. For this time, I really hope you are the one that can really help me out of all the problems I am facing. I really really hope you can advise me after you have read thru my story. I am SO SORRY to write you a long message and occupied your time reading my problems.

After reading this email, I come upon another article in the net of a poor girl who is also victim of being trust wrong person :

A 19-year-old girl was "worshipped" in a bizarre ritual by two friends who then turned her over to a group of men as a "sacrificial victim" to be gang-raped.
Harian Metro reported that in the 1am incident, the victim was repeatedly raped by three men at the bushes near Taman Layang Layang in Kuala Lumpur after the "worshipping" ritual.
The victim's two-hour ordeal had started when her friends - a couple in their 20s - drove her to a dark spot near her workplace in Subang Jaya.
One of them then asked her to get down from the car before she was knocked unconscious and had her hands bound and her eyes covered with tape.
When the victim came to, she overheard her friends discussing with the group of men over how they would "deliver" her to them.
The victim, who had tried to escape, was then brought to the bushes where one of the men burnt the tip of her hair as a sign of "sacrifice." The men threatened her with a parang before raping her.
The victim was later dropped off by the roadside and managed to hitch a ride back into town where she lodged a police report.
Source: Asia.

I hope all people who have read the articles above will be more careful.

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