Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Interesting findings on this fire tiger

Recently, a friend who ask me interesting questions on this fire tiger amulets.

below is the interesting question:

What is this fire tiger amulet? And which type of tiger is fire tiger? I can't find it in any literature about fire tiger. I can see the effect specially on charm and luck instantly!!! But surprisingly I don't become more aggressive though considering it is a tiger amulet.

Well, after reading this interesting email from my friend, below is my reply:

A lot people ask me this question and I think I have mention in my blog. This type of fire tiger is consider very magical n auspicious. It is not those ordinary tiger u have seen n they belong to king of tiger due to their nature magical power inborn with them. They are very hard to be seen, always hide in cave and all tigers fear/ respect them. Thus, their skin has very strong auspicious energy. Luck and attraction will be significance boost to those wearer.

A lot of thing are unknown to the world due to traditional teaching and these teaching are only taught to the disciple through mouth. Thus, if you told me you cannot find the info online, I am not surprise at all.

At 1st, i do not believe the master at all, despite the Thais are crazy about him, worship him like idol, I still have doubt. I tried ask many master and they admit and acknowledge that this fire tiger really exist but very rare.
You can go to this link below to see picture of great master involved in this grand chanting of these fire tiger amulets.

Link to picture of chanting fire tiger amulet

The master need very special mantra to find the fire tiger.

And many miracles are heard in one of the temple at night. One night, a monk wake up in the middle of the night to go toilet, then suddenly he heard a tiger roar. The trace the sound and lead him to the room where the fire tigers amulets are kept. He could not believe what he has seen. The fire tigers are inside walking around the room. He could not believe it and he open the door and the the white image of the fire tiger run across him and run out of the door.

The next day, this news alarm the whole village of people and many people come forward to tell the masters their own unexplained positive feedback after using this incredible fire tiger amulets.

I always tell my friends to give me feed backs, so that I know the path/direction I am moving are correct.
I always want to have "quality check" on my standard. I not only want the amulets are well blessed, they must be very powerful too!
Below is the link to the feed backs leave by some of my friends:

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