Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice!

I always heard people ask me, hey, thai amulets or magic crash? can be wear with other amulets???
I tell them, i do not know about others amulets, if you wear mine, why not?

My amulets are got from good master who connect to good gods and receive good blessing to help people. I always believe good energy will never crash!!!
Look at thailand now! So many people worship Lord Ganesha. Even the most famous 4 face buddha is origin from India. So who say good amulets and good gods crash????

Recently, I got a email from a friend. Guess what? He has break tradition and with the great blessing of god, he integrate thai magic and thai charm with Chinese metaphysics , feng shui.

Below is the email from him:

Hello Nayan,

This is my second email to you. How have you been lately? I believe you can remember me as I am one of your recurring buyer.. The truth is I am doing geomancy as my freelance job during my weekends.. I have seen quite a number of people from different walks of life.. Some of them have very good accumulated Karma while some have very little..

Now, why are some people so fortunate and some are not.. One have to understand that when one create good actions, it will produce good in this or the next lifetime. While if one were to do bad, it will comes around.. These are those that will suffer in the end..

There are certain people that, when I oriented feng shui for them, it turned out that it doesn't seems to work at all. When that happened, most people will blame the feng shui master for not being competent enough. They blame Heaven.. They blame Earth... They blame everything... But they don't blame themselves.. The Law of Feng Shui has already indicated very clearly about the factor.. The first being what is your own predestine life (which is accumulated from good Karma from past life). Second is your own predestine luck (already for this lifetime). And only then, third comes feng shui..

But its a little known fact that life destiny can be changed during this lifetime. Yes, it involved many good deeds. It doesn't change overnight by doing one or two good deeds. It cannot be changed by even wearing powerful amulets. But there are methods which can multiply them many folds.

You might be wondering why I have been buying the same product of holy wealth plate from you again & again. I must say that your wealth attracting plate are AMAZING....!!!! Remember, you told me that with the correct placing in the wealth area, it may or can boost up wealth almost immediately to see the effect...!!! Well, YES!!! It did happened recently...

But on the other hand, I was right too.. For those, whose life have been overwhelmed by bad karma, this powerful plate can also extend its help to stop further deterioration of wealth from flowing out!!! A customer of mine, an old couple, called up to tell me that after putting up the wealth plate as I have instructed them, strangely they were able to save up some money after all these years which they couldn't.. Although, they did not become rich, but their simple joy written on their face made me so happy.. I then advised them to do more good deeds by donating funds to restore run down temples.. now, here is the secret to eradicate bad karma for many folds & increase good karma for countless folds. I further told them to, not only do donations but to seek others to join them in the good actions together.. They did... And now, they are living with a contented life without much money problems and ample to go by although they are still not rich... They are still continuing to do good deeds and encouraging and seeking and advising others to do it..

Bro, here comes the good part... These two business ladies have been actively involved in charities and donations to temples be it Singapore or Thailand.. I was engaged by them to do feng shui for a house they just bought in Katong. There are a few things I have to do to prevent the wealth from flowing out. Next, was a water fountain in the garden.. And finally, the wealth attracting plate.. I was able to locate the wealth spot in the garden easily. But I have a problem.. To spur the wealth dragon in the garden, they will have to dig a pond. The secret to spurring an effective Tai Chi Water Dragon spot is to dig a pond. It must be dig into the ground. A water fountain or elevated water is not much use at all.

Most unfortunately, that spot that must be dig in has a grounding conductor and Land Authority does not allow that spot to be moved. I was in a fixed as the ladies gave me more pressure by saying that I have do something and they are firmed that they wanted a water feature to be there to spur the wealth.. The situation is that they can only put a movable water feature there because of the grounding conductor so that the wf can be moved away anytime.. Tell you.. hahaha.. Really... I pray to Lord Buddha on the spot in my heart.. I then continue to oriented them where to put up the wealth plate.. As I go along, about an hour later... Lo!! Praise the Lord Buddha !!!!!! An answer came..

I advised them to layout six one dollar coins on the ground at the spot in a circular formation. In the center of the six coins, I place your "Universal Fishing Hook Wealth" on 24th Jan 2010. Finally, at the correct date (24th Jan 2010), they place the fountain over it. Which means that under the fountain is the formation... Its A perfect connection.. Those who learned feng shui might see through the logic of the secret... Your UFHW are just the one powerful item enough to make the connection strong enough..!!!!

Within only a spend of only one day, on 25th Jan 2010, they called up telling me.. "Brother, power man... Today, closed many deal in the business...!!" Never happened before.. This is only beginning of day one good luck brother...

Now the best part which actually happened earlier than the above.. On that specific day when the placement of the wealth plate is correctly placed as instructed to them.. The best happened !!!!!!!!! All placement done correctly on 16th of Jan 2010, they hit first prize for 4D the very next day on 17th of Jan 2010 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You might be interested to know what number it is.. The number 3060 HIT first prize winning $25,000 each for the 2 sisters.. Total $50,000 in all... Check it out yourself if you don't believe..

well, after reading his email, I went online to check the results.

Once I have verified that it is the truth, I contact him immediately to find out more and he reply with a email with a attachment from his client.
Below is the email from his client:

Hello Brother,

Ros and I would like to place our deepest thanks to you for applying your wonderful geomancy skill for our new house that we just bought.. The wealth plate and the Universe Fish Hook indeed have worked wonders.. We followed your advice for the layout of the renovation and guess what? Our wealth and business has improved..!!!

On 17..01.10, we won first prize for 4D.. The number that hit the 1st prize is 3060. The 'Fish Hook" indeed also has good effect for business too. We noticed business improvement only one day after the installation to the Water Fountain on 24th Jan 2010.
Thank you again brother for the wonderful service rendered to us.. I am happy as we all have the same aspiration to do more good deeds to create good Karma.

Have a blessed day : D

ros and lin

I am very happy
to receive these emails. Once again, it has reassure that my direction of selecting thai amulets are correct. Often, I always encourage people to give me feedback on my amulets. The reason is because I need to track my standard of selecting amulets, and reassure that the path that i am walking is correct.
Thanks to the blessing of the gods and mighty power above, my hard work did not go to waste.

A idea strike my mind. Why not me and him can work together and bring a larger benefit to people and with the help of him, I believe the result will be faster and better. Let me go and do research and find out more and will update you guys soon in my blog.

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