Sunday, July 25, 2010

Feng shui master determined your job????

I has come upon a very interesting article.

The article as below:

COMPANIES in Singapore have recruited fengshui masters to help conduct interviews of candidates applying for senior management and financial officers posts, reported Sin Chew Daily.

Singapore fengshui Master Xu Yi Ting said this was because the two positions were crucial to a company and because the company could be in trouble if someone greedy was hired.

The daily quoted Xu as saying that some corporations also requested fengshui masters to observe their working partners to see if they were sincere and could be trusted.

"Bosses have requested me to accompany them to dinners so I could observe their partners," she said.

The daily reported that a woman who applied for a secretary's post was rejected because a fengshui master hired by the employer said she had a "peach blossom face".folklore expert, identified only as Dong, said a woman who has moist eyes, fine crow's feet and upward-slanting lips would be good at interpersonal relationships, but she could have affairs with male colleagues or her employer.Such applicants were normally rejected, he said.

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