Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wealth fetching and people like you and love you thai amulet

Master Cum fire tiger amulet has received many positive feedbacks.
Below are the few examples:

Well, I do like for the amulet to have numerous functions just like the Fire Tiger takrut has. I like Maha Amnaj, Kongrapan, Klaew Klaad, Maha Larp (general good luck), Maha Saneh. What I like most in the Fire Tiger takrut is that when I wear it, I do feel the Fire energy circulating in my body and my courage increases, I feel more alive, alert and energetic. It also increases the anger but I control this with meditation. I do like this fire power a lot! Other tiger takrut that I have, have never gave me this fiery feelings.

wow the fire takrut is really powerful, i just got it today and when i was going home many za bor keep looking at me sia. i still thought my face or hair got something than i go toilet check,but everything is normal. haha. anyway thanks!

Remember that time I get another fire tiger amulet from you? Actually is for my friend. He works in my company as electrician so his job is deal to all wiring harness. after he worn the amulet on that day funny things happen.

After he did a repair on the wire harness, he need to do a check using multi meter & he face a problem, the reading show on the multi meter shot so high until he going to scrap the harness so engineer was call. They do a trouble shooting but nothing wrong…reading was good as require in the manual…..all stand at the working bench look at each other than look at my friend ask him to check again…..hahaha….the reading shoot up again. My friend told first things go to his mind is the fire tiger amulet so he took out the amulet, after rest for 5 minute he did the test in front everybody…..guess what happen?????.....the multi meter reading back to normal.

From that moment start many people ask my friend what is the things he wear that why after that I get another few tiger from you………amazing right yet nobody can explain why?????

On the behalf of my friend, he want to THANKS twho introduced this great tiger amulet to him….i can see my friend smile daily & also get many OT to earn not like last time only very few hours of overtime. He told me now he very confidence to do all things.

Thanks again.

Your amulet really changes my friend working life……

I told him that I had received many positive feedback on his fire tiger amulets.

I ask him why fire tiger amulet got charming effect?

He say, 1 of his best skill that he has learn is the art of charming.

The mantra which he learn from a Cambodian master is so powerful that the person who use this charm will feel that he that charisma is very good.

People will be friendly to them.

And he has place this powerful mantra inside the fire tiger amulet.

he say now the world has change, the amulet should not focus only on only protection.

The amulet should also bring the wearer charisma so that he/she can has the charm to help them in their life!

So I continue ask him what other powerful mantra he know?

Then he say, he want to make use of all these old ancient old magic to make into amulets to help modern life people to be successful in life!

Thus, he say he has make this wealth and charming Thailand amulet.

This charm consist of 3 features, 1 is wealth fetching and luck pushing, the middle part consist of 2 mantra bind together which mean charm or attraction or pull people attention to you(love life enhancement), make people like you or love you, the last mantra is the attraction of working place friends, make boss like you and make your client like you (more for helping you in your job or career).

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