Sunday, October 10, 2010

the power of using thai amulets

Recently, I has received a feeback from a friend who told me that the thai amulets has help him to tide over his tough period. Below is the email he wrote to me:

Hi Nayan,

Sorry was not able to response to you earlier. Thks for sharing so much info, although I may not feel the actual connection with any of the Buddhas or pursars, i am quite sure I am always being watched by the divine beings. I may experienced obstacle but evenly I am able to sail through the storm somehow. e.g. I have pray to Lord Ganesha when I hit the wall with no solutions, then came the answer or managed to clear without doing anythings further. Just yesterday, had to meet deadline on a task but had some delay. So just utter a prayer to the Lord Ganesha and same time pray to the wooden head guardian spirit, the solution came! That's the reason why I can't pin point which amulet is good or powerful as I wear atleast 3 at the same time. And that confirm my thoughts that I am watched by them all the time and the fact that all your recommendations of amulets work for me and did solved my issue. My experiences are not dramatic, no electric shocks, or unusual dreams but it works! Thank you very much and have a nice weekend.

Jay Ganesha!

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I am happy that the thailand amulet are able to help him as I always believe, good and powerful amulets are to meant to help people to lead a better and happier life.
However, they are still people with incorrect thinking when wearing these holy powerful amulets.


after having a wealth amulet, except to sit at home and without doing anything, the money will fall from sky.
except to has many woman as their sex slave
work in office and the boss will treat or listen them as boss.

Pls note that holy thai amulets being being created to make your life a better one so that you can has the ability to help the less fortune person.

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