Thursday, October 14, 2010

bomohs catch 12 more spirits

JERTIH, MALAYSUA - Three healers from Terengganu Islamic Foundation (YIT) claim they captured 12 more djinns from the house of Siti Balqis Mohd Nor after she disappeared again on Saturday night.

Her family thought her ordeal was over when two bomoh captured nine djinns on Friday and put them in sealed containers.

Yesterday, however, the 22-year-old, who is the eldest of four children, claimed she was whisked away to a cave about 15km from her home in Kampung Gong Nangka here.

She mysteriously disappeared at 7.30pm, minutes before state religious and information committee chairman Khazan Che Mat, YIT director Kamarul Al Amin Ismail and YIT officials arrived at her home with the healers.

Hundreds of residents searched around the house and at locations that she had been found in previous disappearances but this proved futile.

At 11.30pm, her mother Norizan Said, 47, received an SMS from Siti Balqis, saying that she had been taken to a cave in Bukit Keluang.

Jabi assemblyman Ramlan Ali headed a rescue team to Bukit Keluang but they only found seven men and two women who were meditating (bertapa) inside the cave.

Two hours later, Siti Balqis sent another SMS, saying she had been whisked home but had landed on a rambutan tree.

Siti Balqis was pale and unconscious when rescuers brought her down from the rambutan tree.

The three Islamic medical practitioners said they captured 12 djinns after treating her.

Siti Balqis only regained consciousness at 5am and told her mother she saw Ramlan and other rescuers at Bukit Keluang cave but none of them could hear her calls.

"I even tried to touch Ramlan's wife as she passed by me but she did not see me," she said.

Meanwhile, Khazan said the medical practitioners were sent by the state government to help the family.

Source: asiaone

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