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One of the most powerful wealth god

One of the most powerful and popular Chinese Gods of Wealth is Tsai Shen Yeh who is frequently depicted wearing a dragon robe and sitting on a tiger.

He also known at times as Lu Hsing the Star God of Wealth.He carries a gold ingot and a sword. After he returned from a forest after studying the Tao, he was seen riding a black tiger in all directions and carrying a sword to ward off evil influences. He is not meant to be worshipped but is there to symbolise money and wealth an attracts the same into the house. This is why he should be gold in colour (as the statue shown is) as like attracts like.

He is the most influential and popular Wealth God respected and worshipped by Chinese all over the world. Also known as Zhang Gong Ming, he is a powerful deity who brings good fortune and protection from disasters. He is described as being so benevolent and compassionate that he will answer all prayers and invocations made to him.

He is like a wish-fulfilling jewel making the monetary wishes of his devotees come true
.Tsai Sheng Yeh is usually depicted riding a black tiger. Sometimes he is shown with a thick beard and a dark face. In his hand he holds a whip, although in recent times he has also been increasingly shown holding a gold ingot.

Legends describe him as a former general of ancient China. Buddha appointed him as “Xuan Tan Zhen Jun” to take charge of the distribution of wealth and good fortune amongst the people. Since then he has been distributing the treasures of the earth, in the process bringing good fortune to those who invite him into their homes.His presence is said to ensure that businesses will be free of bad debts. Little wonder then that most businessmen usually have an image of Tsai Shen Yeh in their homes and also on their business premises.

The reason why I introduce this god powerful wealth god is because this wealth god is very famous among the Chinese people and has help many Chinese people to gain many auspicious wealth.

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