Saturday, April 30, 2011

Give you money from demon thai amulet

This powerful demon is make by a forest master who came upon the demon in the forest.
The demon told him that he wants to help people. he requset the master to make a amulet that represent him and he has guide the master to a place where contain very special soil in the graveyard. He told the master to get the soil and make amulet. He say the soil contain very strong and powerful energy and after the amulet, he will auto grant wish to the owner who own this amulet.

The master hand script mantra and magical chants on the amulet behind. Parts of them are the magical common of the spirit.

After the master has write on the amulet, he apply some chanted oil on it to seal on the mantra on the amulet. After that, he use some tissue to wipe off the bits of amulets which came out from the amulets which lead some of the tissue to stick on the amulet.

I was quite concern about it might affect the power of the amulet, he told me that this demon power is extremely high and this type of small stuff will not going to affect him!!!


1) Give owner strong protection against danger and spiritual attack

2) Grant the owner wealth and money luck

3) Help the owner to clear debt

4) Grant the owner from
poverty to richness

5) Help the owner to get promotion and advancement in Career

6) Increase Owner luck day by luck

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