Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Buddha Open mouth mircale

Several Buddha statues in the Pu Xian Service Center of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, were recently seen moving their lips, blinking, moving their chests and hands, and emitting light. The strange phenomenon occurred for about an hour.

At 5–6 p.m. local time on Feb. 27, after a service at the Buddhist center, more than 100 members were lining up to meet Tong Chew, the abbot of the center, when they saw that the Buddha statues in the room started moving, Malaysia’s Chinese newspaper Guang Ming Daily reported.

The witnesses told the newspaper that they first saw one Buddha statue’s lips moving, and its chest also moved as if it was breathing. Then, other statues started moving their lips too, and some kept blinking and even moved their fingers up and down.

Many of the witnesses recorded the strange phenomenon with their cell phones and cameras, and uploaded the videos to YouTube and Facebook. One particular video shows light emanating from the swastika symbol on a Buddha statue’s chest several times. Another video shows a blue light appearing behind a Buddha statue.

“Before the Buddha statues moved their mouths, some members said they saw a ray entering the statues, and the statues immediately moved as if life had been injected,” Yang Ping, a Buddhist at the center, told Guang Ming Daily.

Abbot Chew claims that phenomena like this have happened numerous times, according to Guang Ming Daily. In the beginning, the statues only emitted light, but later they started making noises, he said.

“The voices from the statues are particularly loud and harmonious, and sound like they are from another dimension,” he told Guang Ming Daily.{etRelated 31484, 34553, 35126}

Chew also said that a statue located outdoors has been seen levitating a foot above ground, but because the statue was emitting bright light, nothing can be seen in the videos recorded.

Even more incredibly, some people who were present in the center on Feb. 27 said they couldn’t see the statues moving, but in the videos that they took, they could see the statues moving their lips. Others said they saw the statues moving in person, but their videos don’t show anything abnormal.

Some have tried to explain the viewing of the Buddha statues moving as a collective illusion among the members of the Buddhist center, but to date no one has been able to explain the videos that show the Buddha statues moving.

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