Monday, May 9, 2011

lucky everyday charm

That day, I was in thailand and I heard in the temple 10km away, there is a very famous fortune teller master. So I decided to pay him a a visit. They say that most devotes who has visited him will go back to thank him again because they live get better after seeking his help.

When I reach, there is a very long queue. So I took a seat and sit behind. after 2 hours of waiting, I managed to meet the master. After talking and consult him, I find that he is a very compassionate master who out to help us! before me, I has saw a young guy who left with only 1 leg. He lost his leg during a accident. He came again to thank the master because before he came for the master help, he has problems find a job and has problem paying for his medical bills.
After previous visit to the master, his neighbor find him a job and furthermore, he managed to got a grant from the hospital!!!
He take out something from his neck and I heard: this is very powerful, rebless, rebless!!!

So I ask the master what the young guy has to pass to the master to rebless, the master take out something from his bag and say, this is the 1.

He said, in thai astrology, there are birthday buddhas.usually, people will wear only their birthday buddha.
But when he see fortune tellling for people, he find out that things can get better!!!
So he create this: 'lucky everyday charm'.
This everyday birthday buddha has a magical forumla that the wearer will get lucky everyday regardless which day he is born.
Because inside contain the magical power of all the 7 birthday Buddhas in it!!!
Futhermore, this amulet is being bless using, earth, wind, metal and wood energy.
He bury it under the temple to abosrb the energy of the chanting energy from the monks recite in the temples.

Below are the indigents use to enhance the power of the amulet:

1) Lucky powder from 99 temples
2) lucky herbs from 108 types of herbs
3) chanted for 99 days non stop
4) Invited 99 masters from all over Thailand to rebless this lucky charm

Good for people:

will improve your luck day by day
Will help you get your thing done faster
will help you to achieve your goal faster
you will get success faster
you will find that your life get better
As a wealth charm, money and wealth problem will no longer be a burden to you.
Everyday, day by day, you will find life is beautiful.

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