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Live without you Love charm

Luang Pu Cheun of Wat Ta-Ee, Buri Ram province has been a well known monk who created good amulet of Khun Paen statues and Guman Thong from Cambodia magical katha. He is a Cambodian monk and popular for his knowledge in both holy Dharma and Visha (magic) of charming. Asian people such as Cambodia, Thai, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong respect such a monk who made amulet is very famous in wealth and protection. LP Cheun has been studied the art of making efficacious amulets and magic candle from many Arjarn in Combodia.
LP Cheun passed away in 2004 at the age over 80 year old.

This image present tiny "In Koo" rode on tiny "Mah Sep Naang" LP Cheun use genuine Cambodian holy powder to put under the image with TaKrut by himself.Then LP Cheun calls the In Koo, and Mah Sep Naang spirits into the image with ancient Katha. He built this image in 2000.
Both In Koo, and Mah Sep Naang spirits are known as mysteriousness that has super power brings luck and help the owner to be admired and love.

They are very popular by its ultra high efficacies on calling and attracting ladies they were all snatched by love-seeker guys at the early period of distribution.

Finally the behind of the amulet is then blessed with ancient incantations, such as the 'maseng nang", a special hourse spell, and insert with opp sex sucking metal which find in cave,both of which are known to enhance personal charm. In addition to the amulet we will provide the Katha (in Thai) which master has said should be chanted to activate the magical properties. This spell can be used to charm the ladies and people, for making sacred perfume powder, aromatic oil, clothes to charm a lady, bring about good luck and for commercial purposes.


Pray to this god if you want to capture a person heart

More wealth will come in after use this charm.

Keep having opp sex attention

Wear this thai amulet to give you courage and confidence to do thing which you no confidence to do.

Use this thai amulet to let you win in fighting every obstacles in life.

Pray to this charm to raise your wealth level, money and wealth keep coming in.

Enhanced your life by attract people, make them like you and charm by you

The materials used were:

1. Powder from "Wahn Khun Paen", "Prai Guman" spirit, "Wahn Ga Long" flower, "Prai Sa Li Gar" spirit, "Wahn Jung Naang" and "Naang Ok Tag" spirit.

2. Money from the dead mouth, nail of coffin from 7 ceremonies. All of materials for made "Tiny In Koo" and "Tiny Mah Sp Naang".
People believe this amulet is especially powerful securing good fortune in business affairs to the owner. Also, this amulet has power in protecting the owner from black magic, evil and any bad things.

LP Chuen of Wat Ta-iee is a great present-period guru of the north-eastern region. LP Chuen is a Kmere descendant and an expert of Kmere-formula amulets creation. He is associated the same lineage with other great north-eastern Gurus, such as LP Rit of Wat ChonpradhanRajDamri, BuriRam, LP Hong of Wat Petchburi, Surin. LP Chuen passed away in B.E. 2547.


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