Saturday, December 24, 2011

Lp Thuad

Luang Phor Thuad is a famous monk in Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. And amulets with the image of LP Thuad are highly sought after by collectors and those people that want protection of safety.

Many miracles were told and recorded by people wearing LP Thuad amulets and one of the legends (story handed down from the past) illustrate how LP Thuad saved people from a drought calamity is as follow: - “Luong Pu Thuat became famous during the 16th century when he saved the people from draught. There was at that time, not enough drinking water, and the weather deteriorate day after day. According to an account related by villagers, a monk was sighted in a small boat which moving along the river. He was in deep meditation and prayer. After he’d finished chanting, he lowered one of his leg into the river, and within short while, the river is filled with clear, clean drinking water. A miracle had happened. This bit of good news spread throughout the province and to other parts of Thailand. The monk was no other than Luong Pu Thuat himself. 

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