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Phra Hanuman Thai amulet

Hanuman is a white humanoid monkey (a kind of albino) - he has a very special recognition point; in the middle of the roof of his mouth is a crystal fang.

He has the supernatural ability to change form and have 4 faces and 8 arms.
He can yawn and bark, and starts and moons are ejected. His weapon is the Dtrii Paetch (short trident, which he uses when receiving Yaks of high importance). He is extremely able and agile - he has the ability to disappear. He is the hertbeat of "Kong Grapan" magick, even when he is killed by deadly weapons, after a while he begins to come to his senses and comes back to life.
Hanuman is the Son of the Angelic DeitiesConsciousnesses, "Phra Paay, and "Naang Sawaaha". Naang Sawaaha was cursed by her mother, and was left alone in the barren realm, Phra Isworn (Shiva), ordered Phra Paay to take Phra Isworn's weapon and throw it into the mouth of Naang sawaaha. Naang Sawaaha became pregnant from this, and gave birth to an albino that flew out of Naang Sawaaha's mouth and hovered in the air!

He was named "Hanuman", and it is believed that Phra Paay is his Father, because of this legend.Hanuman was a major character in the Ramakian Ramayana, because of his great self sacrifice in lending his services as monkey general of Phra Ram's Army, and ending the war virtually single handedly with all his superhero like feats.

Hanuman is assumed to be immortal and invulnerable (he was resurrected from the dead once in the Ramakian). The reason for his immortality being, that he is the son of Phra Paay (the wind/air God), and so, whenever he is killed and lays dead on the floor, it only requires a breath of wind to blow upon him and he is revived miraculously through the power of his Father "Phra Paay".

Hanuman is also renowned for his powers of being able to expand his body to giant size, and also to stretch his tail to incredible lengths (like in the story where he uses his tail to bridge the ocean to Langka)


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