Monday, November 19, 2012

Question And Answer

Q: I has read your blog and interested to buy your email. But cant find your email address.
Reply:  no, you did not read my blog as almost every listing got reflect my email address. Go read again. 

Q: I interest in this item. Got any feedback?
Reply: go my feedback page and read.  

Q: I has got your mp 3. Can i dont chant and just play your mp 3?
reply:  no. 

Q: I had got from other seller and theirs can.         
Reply:  I am not a sales man. I don't sugar coat the items.  If you want a cheap and easy out, and sugarcoated items, you has come to the wrong store.
I believe in higher power. I dont twist my words. Yes mean yes. No mean no.   
What is instructed by the powerful master, I will teach you accordingly so that you can
So that you can see effective results from the charms you get from me. I wont be sugar coat you just because you PAY and think that buyer is the king!  Well, that's my my job easier in this way but that's not what i want. I want to form a 2 way relationship, a team relationship where I can effectively help my my buyers to see results from the charms they get from me. No sugar coat! no short cut but effective results!

Q: I want buy your Amulet but I was being scam many times.
Reply:  I has repeated this many times in my blog,  you can choose not to buy and best, please don't buy because I want a    team relationship, not I sugar coat you.
Mean you has faith and we work together to a better life for you.

Q: Do i need to chant or any ritual for your items?
A: Actually, my items will work without any chanting or ritual from the buyer. I had many buyer has told me that their amulet which  they get from me work extremely well without any chanting or ritual.

Q: Can I bring your thai amulet to toilet?

A: My amulet can wear to toilet. thus fine. I always want to spread this message: Powerful amulet from me is to bring more happiness, not to bring more headache by having many restrictions!

Q: There are so many amulets to chose and which 1 to chose is the best?

Go my ebay store, the prices are all there. If you cant still make any decision, pay usd$9.0 ; USD$1 is to pay for the service for master calculations. USD$8.00 is the non-refundable deposit for the purchase of the amulet. Give me your name, chose 3 amulets you like, and the master will do calculation and seek god advise. Then he will select and recommend you 1 that will suits you. if you already know what you want, you no need such services. Dont waste your previous money. Trust your instinct!

Q: How long will does your amulet to see some effect?

A: From 1 day to 30 days.  

Q: I got phra somdej, phra kunpean etc.. They dont work on me. Will your amulet work on me?

A: are you a male or female?

Person reply: female

I reply: your lover reject you because he say you are like other girls. No difference from them. Is it fair to you?

Person reply: of course no lol!!!!! Why you say that?

I reply: same thing, so are you goign to say all phra somdej is the same accross all thailand??? LET ME TELL YOU, YOU CAN HAS 1 MILLION AMULET, THATS NOT MY CONCERN. What matters is that the monent you start using my amulet, thats moments start, is my concern. Thus,  you no need go and count how many amulets you has and tell me. I think is better to count your blessing you has compare to those hungry kids in 3rd world country. you be happier.

Q: can i wear your amulet with other amulet I has?

A: I don't see it as any problem. I will tell you more on this part on the purchase. But I repeat again, you can wear my amulet with other amulet you has.

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